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Tenant Pay Portal

We now offer online bill payment for our tenant’s convenience.  Use your checking account to transfer funds.  There is a modest 1% service fee.  You can also choose to pay by credit card for a 3.5% convenience fee. Please enter your rent amount in the field and the service fee will be calculated for you. You will receive an automatic generic email sent to you to confirm your payment has been received.

Please Note: There will be a $50.00 Fee for any check or credit card payments returned by the bank.

Our office will be notified and we will verify the rent amount for each tenant. Please make sure you put your address on the page along with the name/names you have on your lease.

We are no longer accepting personal checks for App fees.


Southern Management Rentals offers an emergency hotline outside of normal business hours for the following purposes: no running water, no electric, no heat, fire, gas leak and flooding. If your emergency falls outside of our regular office hours (7am-5pm), please call our office at: 717-235-6950 ext 234 for Katy Higgs. Please leave a voicemail detailing your name, address and the issue. That voice mailbox is monitored after business hours.

If you are locked out of your rental unit, the tenant is responsible for calling a lock smith and will be responsible for all charges.

General Lease Information

While each lease will vary, we typically offer a one year leasing contract with automatic monthly renewals after the initial term expires. Renewal on a yearly period or month-to-month. Rental payments are to be received ON or BEFORE the due date. If you are mailing your payment, do so as early as possible to be sure it is delivered to our office in a timely fashion. Southern Management Rentals takes timely rent payment very seriously; late fees are automatically posted the day after the due date. There is no grace period for late payments, no exceptions. Rents are typically due from the 25th-28th of each month, please read your lease very carefully to know when your due date is. Be sure your name and rental address is clearly listed on your check/money order. If we do not know where to apply monies received, you may not receive credit for your payment.

During non-business hours, we have a drop slot located in our office door. Please place your check or money order into an envelope marked “SMR” to ensure your payment is received.

Rental Insurance

Southern Management Rentals requires all tenants to obtain renters insurance prior to taking possession. Renters insurance should cover both liability and personal property. Renters insurance is important for tenants because property owners only insure the physical building for liability and fire. If you are looking for a recommendation on where and how to obtain renters insurance, please email us: [email protected].

It is imperative that written permission is required for you to have any pet/pets living in your rental unit as some units allow pets and some do not. Depending on the owner of the unit, there may be additional deposits or fees if pets are allowed. If you are currently leasing from us please contact us directly if you would like to get a pet, this is very important to communicate to our office to request approval, prior to introducing your pet to your home. If a pet is found in your unit and a formal request or approval was not made, the owner will be notified and you will need to pay a $500 cleaning fee plus remove the pet from the premises. Dog breeds that are not allowed in any rental unit: Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Akita, Doberman, Chow, Mastiff, Presa Canario, Ovcharka, Fila Brasiliero, Cane Corso or Beauceron.
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As a convenience, here are all of the forms that are available for download:

Repairs & Maintenance

Please submit all maintenance requests through our maintenance portal.
Click here to open new request.
Your request will be responded to upon receipt.

We handle maintenance requests as first come first serve. Emergency requests will be evaluated case by case.

Please understand we are here to help you, however property owners must FIRST approve any work performed on premises. We understand emergency situations arise; please be patient and we will do everything we can to rectify the situation.

Utilities & Local Resources

We know the process of moving can be very stressful, we compiled a list of local utility companies to make your move-in a little easier.

Click HERE to view and download list.

Lead Paint

Congress passed the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992, also known as Title X, to protect families from exposure to lead from paint, dust, and soil. Section 1018 of this law directed HUD and EPA to require the disclosure of known information on lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazards before the sale or lease of most housing built before 1978. This is important for our renters to know the hazards of lead paint, click below to view the EPA’s PDF pamphlets regarding lead paint.

Click HERE to view and download pamphlets.

Consumer’s Notice

Pennsylvania Law requires real estate brokers and salespersons (licensees) to advise consumers who are seeking to sell or purchase residential or commercial real estate or tenants who are seeking to lease residential or commercial real estate where the licensee is working on behalf of the tenant of the business relationships permitted by the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act. This notice must be provided to the consumer at the first contact where a substantive discussion about real estate occurs unless an oral disclosure has been previously provided. If the oral disclosure was provided, this notice must be provided at the first meeting or the first time a property is shown to the consumer by the broker or salesperson.

Click HERE to view and download notice.


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